Cache Creek approves second retail cannabis store in village

Plus recognition for longtime Cache Creek volunteer firefighter Bill Elliott

Cache Creek volunteer firefighter Captain Bill Elliott (r) receives his 40-year certificate and bar from the Governor General from Fire Chief Tom Moe. (Photo credit: Alanna Peters)

Cache Creek volunteer firefighter Captain Bill Elliott (r) receives his 40-year certificate and bar from the Governor General from Fire Chief Tom Moe. (Photo credit: Alanna Peters)

Notes from the Cache Creek council meeting of May 16. Councillors Lisa Dafoe and Annette Pittman were absent.


Shawn Dang of Aryon Holdings Corporation spoke to council about the proposed Marlee’s Den non-medical retail cannabis store that is looking to open in Cache Creek within the next six months, at 1406 Cariboo Highway (north of the liquor store). The store plans to sell a wide range of cannabis-related products, including edibles, drinks, and creams.

Dang spoke about their other stores, and said that he hopes to employee six or more people at the Cache Creek site. In answer to a question from Mayor Santo Talarico about what population base the store would serve, Dang replied that he expected a considerable amount of highway traffic, and that the store would be looking at 30 to 50 customers per day to stay afloat. He expected that at least 10 per cent of Cache Creek’s population of just under 1,000 residents would be potential customers.

Later in the meeting, council approved a motion giving a positive recommendation to the Liquor and Cannabis Retail Branch regarding Aryon’s application for a non-medical cannabis retail store. Council has approved a public consultation process for the application, which consists of an online survey and a public meeting. The online survey showed the majority of respondents in favour, although there were questions about how many cannabis stores Cache Creek could support.

Chief Administrative Officer Damian Couture noted that there are currently no approved non-medical cannabis retail stores operating in the village. Council has approved one other application, for Club Cannabis, but that store is not yet open pending provincial approvals. Any other cannabis stores operating in the area have not submitted applications to the village and have not been approved by them.

CAO update

Couture said that work was being done on how to distribute funds from the Cache Creek Community Fund, which was established two years ago with grants of $50,000 each from the village and Northern Development Initiative Trust. The interest can be disbursed each year, and the fund is now in a position to be paying out.

Couture is also working with the Bylaw Officer on the matter of unsightly premises, particularly — in light of wildfire season — those that have high levels of vegetation.

Wildlife display

Council approved a recommendation that Kat Chatten, operator of the Visitor Information Centre, be allowed to create and mount photographs of area wildlife to be placed in the hallway in the basement of the community hall, which would improve the aesthetics of that area. Chatten noted, in her request, that each photo would be accompanied by information about each species, including safety information, which would educate visitors about wildlife they might encounter in the area.

The frames would be plastic, so if one fell there would be no broken glass. There would be no cost to the village for the photographs.

Drag races

Council approved a request from new drag race organizers Mark and Dianne Boutilier for free use of the Campbell Hill airport site and apron for the drag races taking place from June 10 to 12. A NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) will be in place for the site from June 9 to 14.

The letter from the Boutiliers also asked for the grassy areas to be mowed just prior to the event, and for the free loan of several public works items, including cones, no-posts, chairs, and tables. It was clarified that the village will not be responsible for paying insurance for the event.

Firefighter recognition

Mayor Santo Talarico noted that Cache Creek Fire Department captain Bill Elliott recently received his 40-year bar and a certificate from the Governor General of Canada to mark his four decades of being a volunteer firefighter.

“Forty years of dedicated service to our volunteer fire department,” he said. “Mr. Elliott has held many different positions and is a valued volunteer, and we thank him for his service for the last 40 years.”

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