Cache Creek Candidates – Herb Hofer for Councillor

Retention of Landfill jobs and cleaning up unsightly premises in residential areas

  • Oct. 28, 2014 8:00 p.m.

1. How long have you lived here?

Since 1963

2. What is your occupation?


3. Have you done any volunteer work here?

I do not belong to an organisation, but I am always there when help is needed, whether it is a lawn in the summer, a driveway in the winter or transportation to appointments etc. I do what I can, since one day, I might need help too.

4. Have you served on a town council before?

Cache Creek Council, also three terms on the TNRD as director.

5. Which issues are most important to you?

Retention of Landfill jobs, and unsightly premises in residential areas.

6. How would you address them?

Work on the Landfill extension is proceeding. My effort on unsightly premises was not supported by the rest of council.

7. Additional comments

This is the first time in municipal politics a term is going to be four years, that is a very long time to commit. I am retired and have the time and energy to to that, take the position seriously, in fact, looking back I had a 100 per cent attendance record. On my watch, no contractor will be paid in full before the job is 100 per cent completed, and no company will get a 50 per cent downpayment for merchandise the Village never saw, it’s just common sense.

I am asking the voters to keep common sense at the council table and re-elect me on Nov. 15.

Herb Hofer