Cache Creek Candidates- Lisa Dafoe for Councillor

Growing our community, Health care, Old and new industry and Infrastructure.

  • Oct. 28, 2014 9:00 a.m.

1. How long have you lived here?

I was born and raised in Ashcroft and now have lived in Cache Creek for the last 17 years.

2. What is your occupation?

I currently work on call for our School District 74- Gold Trail.

3. Have you done any volunteer work here?

Cache Creek Elementary Parent Advisory Council, District Parent Advisory Council, Emergency Social Service’s, Community Literacy, School Planning Council, Graffiti Day Committee, Fundraising for Relay for Life in honour of my daughter Bethany and my dad. In the past I also volunteered for the Red Cross Loan Cupboard when it was located in our community hall, one to one reading with students at CCES and had the great pleasure of helping raise thousands of dollars for Variety the Children’s Charity for BC’s Special Kids with great friends

4. Have you served on a town council before?

I was elected for the first time in the 2011 election for Councillor for the Village of Cache Creek

5. Which issues are most important to you?

Growing our community; Healthcare in our communities; The extension of our landfill; Our infrastructure; and New industry essential for economic growth.

6. How would you address them?

Continue to focus on economic development as a priority, work with all levels of government and keep taxes reasonable to attract new residents and businesses to our community.

7. Additional comments

Did you know that if you just shift 10 per cent of the money we spend elsewhere and buy local we will stimulate economic growth in our communities!! Authorized by Lisa Dafoe, Financial Agent (250) 457-9917.

Lisa Dafoe