Cache Creek Council candidate Darrell Rawcliffe

Incumbent councillor Darrell Rawcliffe is seeking his second term on Cache Creek Council

  • Nov. 6, 2011 6:00 a.m.

1. Lived in Cache Creek 23 years.

2. Retired.

3. Yes, I am currently president of the Ashcroft & District Lions club; also president of the Semlin Valley Golf club and am on the board of directors of the local Chamber of Commerce. I also have done a lot of volunteer work at the golf course.

4. Yes, I was elected in 2008 to serve on Cache Creek Council for three years.

5. Our Village is dying a slow death with businesses closing down and the landfill reducing the amount of waste that is being shipped here. Also, there is the medical and education issues that never seem to improve.

6. We have to work hard to try and make Cache Creek a progressive community and attract business and jobs here. We also have to keep lobbying our health providers to not further erode our health care.

7. Since I was elected in 2008 I have enjoyed the work that I have been able to do and look forward to serving the people of Cache Creek again.