Cache Creek Fire Hall usable but messy

Delays in renovating the fire hall are wearing patience thin.

  • Jun. 16, 2015 8:00 a.m.

by Barbara Roden

Deconstruction work has been completed on the Cache Creek fire hall, but reconstruction can’t begin until it’s approved by the Village; and Fire Chief Tom Moe doesn’t know when that will be.

“A quote was delivered to the Village Office on June 12,” said Moe, but added that work on the fire hall is not considered a priority at the moment.

Repairs to Village infrastructure have been assigned levels A, B, and C, with projects in level A being the first ones addressed. The fire hall repairs are in level C.

The hall suffered considerable damage during the May 23 flood. The force of the floodwater caused the bay doors front and back to buckle, leaving the hall submerged in mud, debris, and water. Moe said that the firefighters were able to salvage most of their gear, with individual members taking their gear home and cleaning it. The coveralls and gloves were taken by a restoration company, cleaned, and returned. Home Depot also donated a heavy-duty washing machine to the hall.

“The flooring has all been pulled up, and the bathroom fixtures, furnace, hot water tank, and cupboards were removed so that two feet of drywall around the interior could be cut out, as mud had got behind the walls,” said Moe. “The night of the flood a door company came in and fixed the doors so they open and close, and none of the vehicles were damaged, so we can still use the hall and are ready for emergencies.”

The computer board on the breathing air compressor got fried, but has since been fixed and sent back, so the compressor is again in working order. Moe said that once approval for the reconstruction is received the company involved is ready to start work, and he anticipates the job will take two to three weeks to complete.

“I’d like to thank all the members of the fire department, who pulled together and got everything ready to fight emergencies,” said Moe. “But we’re kind of getting tired of the mess.”