From the Cache Creek Council meeting on Jan. 10

  • Jan. 17, 2011 1:00 p.m.

From the Cache Creek Council meeting on Jan. 10

Roll Call: Mayor John Ranta and councillors Jim Loucks, Ida Makaro, Wyatt McMurray and Darrel Rawcliffe.

HOG Poker Run

Council granted a requested grant in aid for borrowing tables and chairs for the annual Kamloops HOG Run banquet on June 4 at the Ashcroft arena.

Turkey Bingo

Council granted a requested grant in aid from the Kinsmen Club of South Cariboo for free use of the Community Hall for their annual Turkey Bingo on Dec. 11.

Dance Classes

Council approved free use of the Hall for the dance instructor, but not without some hesitation.

The instructor currently pays $10 per hour and provides two-hour lessons.

“I appreciate the need for the dance classes,” said Coun. Jim Loucks, “but a business should be able to sustain itself. By giving this away we set a precedence for other organizations.”

Councillors Ida Makaro and Darrel Rawcliffe supported waiving the rental fee.

“It’s not cheap to have a child in dance class,” said Mayor John Ranta, who was opposed to the free use. “I have no problems with giving free use to non-profits with volunteers, but $10 an hour isn’t a large sum of money. While I appreciate the opportunities it gives in the community, I can’t support this.”

The letter of request from Program Director Nicole Archibald pointed out that the teacher charges the same for classes she teaches in Kamloops and plans to bring a second instructor with her to add more classes.

“If it was the straw that broke the camel’s back, I’d agree,” said Coun. Wyatt McMurray, who voted in favour. “But we don’t know that.”

He suggested that it was time for the Village to revamp the Community Hall rental policy. “We give it free for those who ask and not those who don’t ask,”

Ranta and Loucks were opposed.

Employment Centre

Coun. Makaro reported that a new contract had been signed between the Ashcroft Employment Centre and the provincial government, keeping the service going until March 2012.

Biosolids at landfill

Council received a letter from Frank Rhebergen at the Ministry of Environment regarding a meeting in November with Wastech where they discussed the Lanfill’s revegetation schedule and the challenges of establishing a self-sustaining cover on the east facing slopes.

MOE suggested acquiring some biosolids from Metro Vancouver to assist with the revegetation effort, first starting with some revegetation test plots with various blends of soil, biosolids and possibly wood residue to gain information.

“The other benefit from the application of a good topsoil layer with enhanced organic content and healthy vegetation is the reduced emissions of fugitive methane,” said Rhebergen in his letter.

Next Meeting

Council meets on Jan. 24 at 4:30 pm.