Cargo containers examined

Ashcroft considers a bylaw to limit the installation of big box cargo containers in town.

Ashcroft Council reviewed a draft zoning bylaw amendment “to limit the installation of cargo containers within the Village limits” at its Apr. 10 meeting.

The draft was presented for discussion; it’s expected to be presented at the Apr. 23 meeting for first readings.

The bylaw lays out expectations about where and how they can be placed, what sizes are allowed and what they can’t be used for.

“Cargo containers must not be used as workspaces, assembly shops, dwelling units or another other form of accommodation, including offices, under any circumstances,” reads the first point of permitted uses.

It also requires owners to obtain a building permit prior to installation.

“Have any municipalities banned these?” asked Coun. Helen Kormendy. “I’d like to know. I think they’re unsightly and possibly a safety issue.”

“Why do you need a cargo container?” she asked.

Treasurer Linda Howika suggested that people buy them for moving because it’s cheaper than renting, and then just get used to seeing them sitting in their yard. Mayor Anderson said some buy them because they provide secure storage for quads, boats and other expensive items.