The transit bus that serves Ashcroft and Clinton will be making a monthly trip to 100 Mile House (pictured) beginning in November.

The transit bus that serves Ashcroft and Clinton will be making a monthly trip to 100 Mile House (pictured) beginning in November.

Change coming to Ashcroft and Clinton transit system

The bus will now travel from Ashcroft and Clinton to 100 Mile House once a month.

There will be a change to the transit service shared by Clinton and Ashcroft starting in November, when the bus will travel from Ashcroft to Clinton and then on to 100 Mile House on the first Monday of each month.

This service will replace the regular run from Clinton and Ashcroft to Kamloops on the first Monday of each month (the other Monday trips in to Kamloops each month are not affected by this change).

Clinton Councillor Wayne Marchant said that numerous Clinton residents who have found doctors in 100 Mile had approached him and asked about the possibility of a run to that community being added to the bus schedule. It was decided to look into the possibility of changing one of the Kamloops runs, rather than add a new one to the existing schedule.

The weekly Kamloops trip is very well-used by Clinton residents, with a lesser number of people from Ashcroft and TNRD Area “I” using the service.

It was also felt that in addition to providing Clinton residents with access to doctors in 100 Mile, the service would allow residents of all the communities served by the transit system to have a change of scene and a pleasant day out by visiting another community. The transit system helps serve the social, as well as the practical, needs of area residents.

Marchant asked Clinton residents if they would be in favour of such a move, and the answer was yes. Ashcroft and Area “I” users of the service were also asked, and they were in favour of the move.

The councils in both Clinton and Ashcroft passed motions agreeing to the change, and the first run is tentatively scheduled for Monday, November 6.

BC Transit has advised that they will expect the new schedule to remain in effect for at least one year, in order to ensure a fair trial period. It has been suggested that there might also be an opportunity to provide service to residents in TNRD Area “E”, with a stop arranged at the 70 Mile General Store.

The bus will leave Ashcroft at 9 a.m., leave Clinton at 9:45 a.m., and arrive in 100 Mile House at 10:45 a.m. The return trip will start at 3:15, with the bus arriving in Clinton at 4:15 p.m. and in Ashcroft at 5 p.m. The cost is $5 each way.

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