Clinton gets new 4G LTE network

Clinton gets new 4G LTE network

ABC Communications announced that they recently completed deploying a fixed 4G LTE Internet service in Clinton, according to a news release from the company on March 18.

“This upgrade to LTE systems will be a great benefit to both residents and businesses in Clinton,” said Mayor Susan Swan. “In today’s economy, connectivity is of vital importance for our businesses to remain competitive. The increased capacity and speeds will allow the option of doing online business, and online education in ways that may have been challenging before this upgrade.”

The project was started in the summer of 2019 and will be completed this fall, and will supply 250 Mpbs services to the community of Clinton. The project criteria set by the provincial government was to supply 50 Mpbs. It was originally proposed to be a fibre to home network installed, but ABC found after completing due diligence the budget was not sufficient so redesigned the project into two phases. The first being the launch of the 50 Mps network and the second phase for this summer which will see it be upgraded to 250 Mbps.

“Northern Development is pleased to hear that the Village of Clinton is prepped for high-speed internet. While the internet is something that many people take for granted, the Connecting BC program reminds us that many rural and remote areas don’t have high-speed access. This first step will provide increased economic opportunities for the Village of Clinton and many other communities in the near future,” said Joel Mckay, CEO Northern Development Initiative Trust.

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