Clinton loses power and water for Easter

An unexpected power outage on Easter turned off the municipal water supply as well.

by Susan Swan

Clinton residents had to contend with not only a power outage Easter Sunday morning but also a water outage as well.

Although no cause for the power outage has been given (the fourth outage since Apr. 11), it was the power outage that caused the problems with the water system.

When the power went out a valve kicked off shutting off the water supply. Since the Village of Clinton water supply is gravity driven residents were able to use water until they had used all that was in the system prior to the power outage.

Village staff soon corrected the problem but had to wait until the pressure built up again before the water could be released.

Resilient residents found interesting ways of cooking (and making their morning coffee!) until the electricity was restored about 10:30 a.m. Those with gas stoves had no problems and many folks used propane stoves in RVs, etc. or just made a campfire.