Club asks Council for Evans Road walkway

On behalf of the Desert Hills Tri Club, Wayne Little asked Council to pave a four-foot pathway for walkers and joggers this summer.

Wayne Little makes a presentation to Ashcroft Council for a paved walking trail along Evans Rd.

Wayne Little makes a presentation to Ashcroft Council for a paved walking trail along Evans Rd.

No one doubts that Evans Road is becoming less safe for pedestrians as truck traffic increases. The only doubt is that there may not be enough room to add a paved pathway next to the current road.

“Four feet wide would be perfect,” said Wayne Little to Council on behalf of the Desert Hills Tri Club.

He said more Tri Club members are going to Kamloops to use their facilities to train as Ashcroft loses more of theirs. He added that they have almost 400 signatures on a petition calling for a paved walkway.

Many club members also use the Cache Creek pool park, which has a paved walking trail around the perimeter, as well as public exercise stations. “It’s our go-to place.”

He said club members feel there is more than enough room on the other side of the cement no posts along the river.

“There are areas where the width wouldn’t be an issue, but there are many areas right on the edge,” said Coun. Al Mertens. “There’s a lot of planning that needs to be done.  The most room for a pathway is at the far end – would it be acceptable just to do it at the end by the slough?”

Little said most of the people using Evans Rd. want to be able to walk from the old fire station to the slough, so just putting a short track near the slough would defeat the purpose. He asked about the rumours that the slough was going to be closed to the public.

It’s Ashcroft Terminal’s property,” between the road and the tracks, said Mayor Jack Jeyes. He said the road may also encroach on some of CP’s right of way at various points.

Council didn’t say it couldn’t be done, but they were skeptical. Coun. Al Mertens asked the group to dig up some technical information on how much land is available for a pathway there.