Communities split on candidates

A definite difference in political preferences between Lillooet and Ashcroft/Cache Creek in the federal election.

According to the unofficial results for Lillooet, NDP candidate Dennis Adamson did very well locally even though he lost the overall election.

Liberal candidate Jati Sidhu was declared elected in the Mission Matsqui Fraser Canyon riding after the votes were tallied. It was a close race between Sidhu and Conservative candidate Brad Vis, but the scales eventually tipped in the Liberal’s favour.

“On behalf of the Village of Cache Creek, congratulations to our new MP, Mr. Sidhu,” said Cache Creek Mayor John Ranta. “It always bodes well for the future, when you have a member of the government representing your riding. We look forward to building a mutually beneficial relationship with our new MP. Change is always challenging because it introduces an element of uncertainty, however, the people right across the country have spoken, and we are all looking forward to a renewed vision for Canada. During the campaign Mr. Trudeau pledged significant investment in municipal infrastructure which is badly needed in Canada’s rural communities. That, combined with a focus on job creation, may usher in an opportunity for prosperity in all areas of our riding. We all want to make the dream of a brighter future, a reality.”

Mayors and TNRD directors within the readership were all invited to comment on the election, but no one else responded.

Although he came in third place, NDP candidate Dennis Adamson looked like a winner in the Lillooet area, while Conservative candidate Brad Vis was the popular candidate in Ashcroft-Cache Creek.

Lillooet Polling Station

Dennis Adamson 589

Arthur Green 84

Wyatt Scott 22

Jati Sidhu 297

Brad Vis 312

Elaine Wismer 2

* Lillooet Advance Poll

Dennis Adamson 175

Arthur Green 36

Wyatt Scott 3

Jati Sidhu 119

Brad Vis 166

Elaine Wismer 0


Cache Creek Polling Station

Dennis Adamson 93

Arthur Green 34

Wyatt Scott 5

Jati Sidhu 151

Brad Vis 223

Elaine Wismer 2

*Cache Creek Advance Poll

Dennis Adamson 129

Arthur Green 26

Wyatt Scott 7

Jati Sidhu 120

Brad Vis 205

Elaine Wismer 1