Container bylaw passes second reading

Ashcroft Council gives controversial cargo container bylaw second reading.

Ashcroft Council gave a second reading to Bylaw 776 to amend Zoning Bylaw 738 (2005) to include a definition of cargo containers and their permitted uses.

Administrator Michelle Allen told Council that most rules put into place through a bylaw in respect to zoning could be reviewed and changed at a later date through variance.

Coun. Jackie Tegart asked to have the bylaw read for a second time later on in the meeting after learning that containers currently situated on properties are “grandfathered”. She said she was concerned about comments made by Fire Chief Henderson at the July 23 public meeting regarding combustibles stored in some cargo containers left near houses.

“We can amend later if we have to,” she said. “I would rather begin this and move forward rather than leave a window of opportunity.”

Council approved the second reading. Coun. Alice Durksen voted against it, saying she wanted more information before voting again.

The bylaw still needs a third reading before it can be adopted.