The Ashcroft Sea Cadets made a special presentation to Council on May 14 after returning from the Battle of the Atlantic ceremony in Halifax. Councillor Jerry Fiddick

The Ashcroft Sea Cadets made a special presentation to Council on May 14 after returning from the Battle of the Atlantic ceremony in Halifax. Councillor Jerry Fiddick

Contractor argues for larger storage containers

Ashcroft Council Briefs, from the May 14 public meeting.

From the Ashcroft Council meeting on May 14.

Roll Call

Mayor Andy Anderson and councillors Alice Durksen, Jerry Fiddick, Helen Kormendy and Jackie Tegart.

Cargo Containers

Contractor Larry van Leest attended the meeting to tell Council that he wasn’t happy with Zoning Bylaw 776 which put restrictions on cargo containers.

“I bought property down there (on Hollis Rd.) so I could have all sorts of storage,” he said.

The area is zoned Light Industrial and contains a mix of residences and companies with industrial vehicles.

Point 11 of the Village’s Schedule A for Bylaw 776 states: “Multiple cargo containers may be located on a single parcel but they must not exceed a cumulative gross floor area of 30 m-2.”

“Industrial land is industrial land, he said. “I think a 30 meter limit is ludicrous for industrial.”

Chief Financial Officer Linda Howika told Council that the size was kept down because of the number of residences in the area.

Mayor Andy Anderson told van Leest that Council would look into his concerns.

“And you always have the opportunity to ask for a variance,” Anderson told him.

“I sold my house so I could be legal and put my shop down there so I didn’t have to go through variance,” van Leest told them, adding that his containers were all new, painted nicely and stacked. Unlike, he added, some of the old shops and garages downtown which are safety hazards.

“The bylaw gives us more control over what goes onto these properties,” said Anderson. “We’ll look into it.”

Councillor Jackie Tegart asked van Leest what he thought a reasonable size would be for storage.

“There shouldn’t be a limit (in an industrial zone),” he said, “as long as they’re clean, painted and lined up nicely.”

Council tabled further readings of the bylaw until the next meeting.

Battle of the Atlantic

Members of the 347 RCSCC Avenger Sea Cadet Corps attended to make a presentation to Council regarding their recent trip to Halifax to take part in the Battle of the Atlantic ceremonies.

“The one condition of the Village’s donation was that we come to council after trip to tell you about it,” said NCdt Gerry Sask.

He told that that two of the youngest cadets, Griffin Aie and Cody Lambert, got to do a “fly by” of the event in a Sea King helicopter and drop a wreath into the sea.

The rest of the cadets viewed the  ceremony from HMS Sackville – last corvette from WWII. They also got to  tour the HMCS Quebec.

Sask said they raised $12,000 locally for the special trip.

Rodeo Parade

Council granted a request from the Rodeo Parade committee for free use of the Community Hall if they need it. The committee is planning a variet show in Heritage Place Park after the parade but were asking to use the hall in case of rain.


Mayor Anderson let Council know he would be attending the Kamloops HOG (Harley Owners Group) Run in June, saying: “I borrowed a Harley.”

Council also passed a motion to donate a welcome basket full of Ashcroft goodies to the fundraising event.

The HOG Run takes place onthe first weekend in June. This is the 24th annual Poker Run Dinner/Dance. They raise money for Muscular Dystrophy.

Interior Science Council

Council agreed to send a letter of support for the Interior Science Innovation Council.

ISIC is based in Kamloops and is one of several science and innovation councils around the province.

The request came from Ashcroft resident John Savage, who is chair of ISIC and has been a board member for 10 years.

“We’ve seen signs that suggest consideration is being given to focusing Science Council efforts to only key urban centres such as Kelowna, Kamloops, Prince George, etc.,” he said.

The science and innovation councils help science and technology-related businesses develop by offering funding, mentorship and other help.

Municipal auditors

Council agreed to forward its questions about the “Expert Panel” appointed by the Liberal government to review business taxation and municipal revenue sources.

“Why is this necessary?” asked Coun. Helen Kormendy.

Coun. Tegart replied that she suspected it originated from a strong lobby on behalf of business who weren’t happy with local taxation.

The Liberals recently anounced the names of its appontees to the review panel.

None of the appointees represent a municipality, noted Coun. Tegart.  “We should forward this to SILGA and see if we can get a little more push – tell them we are not happy with this response (from Minister Kevin Falcon).”

“Perhaps we can put names forward as suggestions,” offered Coun. Kormendy.

ER Schedule

Council agreed to send another letter to Interior Health “voicing our displeasure” that the Emergency Room is only open two days between May 1-31.

“That to me is totally unacceptable,” said Coun. Tegart, who pointed out the schedule.

Coun. Kormendy also asked that IHA be invited to come and speak to Council about their decisions.

Other communities get locums, other communities have their ERs,” said Tegart. “If we say nothing, it’s just going to get worse.”