Council agrees to TV Society review

Ashcroft calls for review of TV Society agreement with Cache Creek, nearly 25 years after it was penned and signed.

Ashcroft Council, after some deliberation, has agreed to pay its annual 2011 grant to the Ash-Creek TV Society, and to strike a committee with members from Cache Creek Council and the TV Society.

The committee is intended  to review and update the operating agreement between the two villages.

The move comes with the TV Society’s enthusiastic blessings.

“When this Society was thought of,” said president Jack Jeyes as he addressed Council on Jan. 9, “there wasn’t even cablevision.”

The one-page document was signed in March 1988 and outlined what the annual operating costs included, and how and when the two villages would pay the annual grants.

“There needs to be discussion on where councils see us going,” said Jeyes, who had been invited to attend the Council meeting to answer questions about the budget.

“Something that includes a five-year plan and a long term agreement so you don’t have to come every year looking for money,” added Coun. Jackie Tegart.

Ashcroft Mayor Andy Anderson took it upon himself to contact Cache Creek and set up the review committee so it could be ready to go by the end of January.

Council also agreed to release the $4,000 grant from 2011 to the Society.