Council agrees to use rolled curbs

Residents of Maclean Crescent get their way: Council approves the use of rolled curbs in reconstruction project.

  • Jun. 24, 2014 1:00 p.m.

Despite Mayor John Ranta’s opposition to the use of rolled curbs, Cache Creek councillors voted to use them on the upcoming Maclean Cres. reconstruction project.

Based on second public meeting held on June 17 with residents of the crescent, staff recommended proceeding with a 10 metre wide road with rolled curbs, sidewalk on south and east side of the street, and added street lights.

“I think Council is aware that I’m not at all in favour of rolled curbs,” said Ranta as he tried to convince Council to amend the motion to read “barrier” curbs instead of “rolled” curbs.

He pointed out that a barrier curb is safer for children, making it near impossible for inattentive drivers to accidentally drive onto the sidewalk and hit them; while rolled curbs made it easier for moving vehicles to end up on private  property. “I am still offended that we have a rolled curb in the dowtown core where B-trains drive six inches away from pedestrians,” he added.

“Ninety per cent of the people at the public meeting wanted rolled curbs,” said Coun. Herb Hofer, who also lives on Maclean Cres. “I do what the public wants me to do, not what council wants,” he added.

Hofer and Coun. Lisa Dafoe opposed the  amendment and voted in favour of the original motion that included rolled curbs. The mayor voted against it.