Council Briefs – Cache Creek agrees to highway sign review

Sign litter downtown, getting computer access to the Water Treatment Plant and garbage pickup for the Ashcroft Travel Centre.

Notes from Cache Creek Council on Sept. 29.

Roll Call: Mayor John Ranta and councillors Lisa Dafoe, Herb Hofer and Wyatt McMurray.

Highway sign review

Carmen Ranta, chair of the Cache Creek Beautification Society, attended to inform Council that the Society had been in touch with the Ministry of Transportation, asking for a review of the highway signs through town.

She said the Communities in Bloom judges regularly commented on the “sign litter” in the downtown core. “We’re doing this partly to improve our marks with Communities in Bloom,” she said, “and also as citizens who care about our town.”

Ranta said there seemed to be a lot of highway signs in the downtown core, and it had been a topic of more than one discussion with the Beautification committee. She said many of the signs were old and in poor condition and also reduntant.

Council agreed to be part of the review, which did would be a tour of all parties involved to look at the signs.

Water Treatment Plant computer

Council agreed to purchase a computer and 100 feet of cable for the water treatment plant from Service Plus Computers in Kamloops for $1,167 plus taxes. The computer will be used by one of the companies that built the upgrade to modify and tweak the programs that run the plant.

Ashcroft Travel Centre garbage

Council received a staff recommendation to to provide weekly garbage disposal services to the Ashcroft Indian Band’s new Ashcroft Travel Centre, but referred it to the Budget Committee for review.

“We need to be careful with private sector garbage pickup,” said Coun. Wyatt McMurray. “I’m not saying we shouldn’t do it, but we need to be careful.”

Mayor John Ranta said the TNRD may be increasing its tipping fees from $60 to $80/tonne. While Cache Creek pays a fee based on per capita average to dispose of garbage at the landfill, residents and businesses outside of the Village would be subject to the tipping fee.

“There are a number of issues that need to be considered and I don’t know if they have been,” he said.

“It’s nice that the Ashcroft Band wants to do business with us,” said Coun. Herb Hofer.

Next Meeting

Tues., Oct. 14 at 7 pm at the Village Office. Everyone welcome.