The old Unit 1, donated by Wastech in 2009, gave up the ghost during this summer’s wildfires. Photo: Barbara Roden.

The old Unit 1, donated by Wastech in 2009, gave up the ghost during this summer’s wildfires. Photo: Barbara Roden.

Donations pave the way for new crew cab for Cache Creek Fire Department

The department has been using a loaned vehicle from BC Hydro since July

Thanks to two large donations from the Royal Bank of Canada’s RBC Foundation and IG Machine and Fibers, as well as numerous generous donations from other local organizations and individuals, the Cache Creek Volunteer Fire Department (CCVFD) is only a few weeks away from taking delivery of a new crew cab to replace Unit 1.

The old Unit 1, which was donated to the fire department by Wastech in 2009, had been having mechanical issues, and the workout it got during the early days of the Elephant Hill wildfire was the final straw. BC Hydro quickly loaned the fire department a replacement vehicle, to be used until a replacement for Unit 1 was acquired; but CCVFD fire chief Tom Moe is looking forward to taking delivery of the new crew cab early in 2018.

The new vehicle will have a full-length box, seat six people, and be able to carry a 125 gallon skid pump in the back.

RBC—which in 2014 donated a thermal imaging camera to the CCVFD following a fire in the Cache Creek branch—has donated $25,000 towards the new crew cab. Moe says that CCVFD chief Bill Elliott was in the bank one day, talking to assistant branch manager Robin Fritz, and mentioned casually that the department was in need of a new truck.

“Robin said ‘What do you need for a new one?’” recounts Moe. “Bill replied ‘$50,000,’ not thinking anything of it.”

Fritz made a request to the RBC Foundation for donation monies to help allow for the purchase of a new truck. Donations from the RBC Foundation are intended to create social and economic opportunities that strengthen health and well-being in the communities in which RBC does business.

“Everyone was so very grateful to all of the hard-working people who assisted during the devastating wildfires,” says Fritz. “Like so many others, we didn’t know how to translate that into something meaningful.

“When we returned home after the evacuation and heard about the fire crews having to borrow equipment, we asked how we could help. We were ecstatic when our application for the donation was accepted!”

“RBC has once again gone above and beyond with this donation to our fire department,” says Moe. “We are truly grateful for their ongoing support and generosity!”

Dean Feucht, plant manager of IG Machine and Fibers, presented a cheque for $10,000 to the Cache Creek fire department during the open council meeting on December 11. This money, too, is earmarked to go towards the purchase of the new crew cab.

“We had employees evacuated from Cache Creek, and felt it was important to give back to the community,” said Feucht.

Cache Creek Mayor John Ranta said that “It’s wonderful to have such a generous business partner in the community; we appreciate the work you do.”

Accepting the donation on behalf of the CCVFD, Moe said “Thank you wholeheartedly from the department for being a gracious and generous business partner.”

Moe says that the purchase of the new truck with money coming from donations makes his job easier when asking the Village for funds for new equipment. “We’ll be very glad to have the new truck.”