Electronic meeting bylaw withdrawn

Bylaw to amend electronic meeting attendance sent back for review.

Amendments to an already existing bylaw that allows Cache Creek councillors to attend meetings through electronic means was brought up at the March 12 Council meeting and then sent back to the policy committee for further review after several members of the public showed up to challenge it.

“You really haven’t improved things,” stated Dorothy Maksymiw after Mayor John Ranta explained the changes that would be made by the proposed amendments. “You’re making it worse. Now you can elect a council that never shows up to meetings.”

Ranta explained that the amendments would remove the current limit that only two councillors could attend electronically at the same meeting, and would essentially allow a special meeting of council to be initiated and take place via electronics.

“I can see it happening in an emergency, but not all the time,” said Joy Murrell.

“I expect people who run for Council to be dedicated to the job, meaning they’re going to sit in those chairs,” said Ron Fisher. “None of this Skyping stuff.”

Barb Shaw suggested that if they had to Skype, that the Village get a large moniter for the public to view so they could see the councillor’s face.