Evans Road in a squeeze

Ashcroft Council puts the question of a pedestrian walkway on Evans Road back on upcoming public forum.

Ashcroft Council has received many requests over the years for a pedestrian walkway along Evans (“the Slough) Road.

With the promise of repaving this summer comes renewed requests for a walkway. Council discussed a letter from the Desert Hills Tri Club at its Feb. 23 meeting. In the end, they decided to make it a topic for one of their community round tables.

“The conversations that I’ve heard are that we can’t make it any wider,” said Coun. Doreen Lambert.

The Ministry of Transportation “has told us it’s just repaving what’s already paved,” said Mayor Jack Jeyes. “We lobbied to have the pavement done – I’m not so sure we can lobby and ask for more.”

He said even if they could squeeze another meter out of the narrow road, you need to set up a fence on one side and a cement barrier on the other which would leave no room for walking.