Fire, vandalism at Catholic retreat in Cache Creek

Firefighters put out a blaze in a small log structure at the retreat.

RCMP were called to a suspicious fire at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Shrine and Retreat Center on Jan. 26 at 10 pm.

Police attended the blaze on Stage Rd.  along with the Cache Creek Fire Dept.  and BC Ambulances. RCMP officers assisted with traffic control on the street while firefighters extinguished the blaze in the small log structure, which was separate from the main building.

An investigation the following day found evidence of vandalism to other parts of the property – a large flower pot and a metal chair had been moved, a snow shovel had been thrown into a tree and it appeared that someone had tried to steal a large air conditioner that was sitting in a window. Large statuettes had also been tipped over, but it was unknown if that was related to the fire and other vandalism.

No one was injured and no other buildings were damaged by the fire. The cause is still under investigation and is considered suspicious.