Flood repairs still causing headaches

Stage Road and Old Cariboo Road are still in need of repairs.

Road problems and other repairs are still an ongoing problem in Cache Creek.

Coun. Herb Hofer reported at the Aug. 17 Cache Creek Council meeting that the repairs to Stage Road had been completed – “but the first rain we had washed the bank away.”

The Cache Creek runs along the highway below Stage Rd., and the ground drops steeply along some parts of Stage.

Mayor John Ranta suggested that hydro-seeding the bank might take care of sloughing issues.

Public Works Foreman Steve Peacock said the contractor who completed the road rehabilitation was contacted right away, but they advised that the bank was so steep in that area, they couldn’t reinforce it. They did add that they would work on a solution.

Administrator Melany de Weerdt said they had already been in contact with her and had a plan to stabilize the bank. She said they were putting a quote together to do the work.

Peacock said he crew also did some cleaning on Valleyview Dr. to alleviate problems that some of the residents were having with the remaining mud and gravel.

Chloe Gravelle, owner of the trailer park along Old Cariboo Road most severly damaged by the flood, asked Council what they planned to do about the rocks that were tumbling down the hillside next to the road.

Mayor Ranta noted that rocks have been tumbling down the hillside for the 40 years that he’s lived here. He said the plan was to seek provincial and federal funding to restore the damaged road bed to pre-flood conditions before it’s resurfaced later this year.

Gravelle asked about using the funding that Premier Clark promised to put wire over the rock face to keep it from falling onto the road. She also asked about placing cement barricades along the road to keep the rocks off it, and putting a sidewalk along the road.

Ranta indicated the road was too narrow to put a sidewalk on it. The Disaster Financial Assistance promised by the province was for use to restore the Village to pre-flood conditions, and they only promised 80 per cent funding, leaving the Village on the hook to pay for up to $1 million of the repair costs. He asked her to consider having cement barricades placed along the roadside to protect her park from rocks.