Fly ash process under scrutiny

Process used to bind heavy metals to incineration waste under scrutiny after contaminated fly ash shipped to Cache Creek Landfill

Cache Creek Mayor John Ranta will take part in a meeting this week in Vancouver to discuss the wetfix process that Covanta uses to bind heavy metals to the fly ash residue from its garbage incinerator.

Ranta told his Council on Monday that the results of leachate testing at the Landfill should be known later this week, and that Metro Vancouver, Ministry of Environment, Covanta and Landfill co-permitees, Wastech and the Village of Cache Creek will meet to discuss whether the wetfix process approved by MOE is viable.

MOE slapped Cache Creek and Wastech with a non-compliance order last week because of the contaminated fly ash, deemed unsuitable for the Landfill. However, they were not fined.