Fractures delay water plant startup

Cache Creek's water treatment upgrade has hit another delay.

Cache Creek’s new $2.5 million water treatment upgrade suffered another setback this month when two pipes fractured during the plant’s commissioning.

The pipes were part of the newly installed system that was ordered by Interior Health in 2005 to filter and treat the town’s drinking water.

The contractor and trades were on site last week, according to Cache Creek Mayor John Ranta, to write up incident reports on the failure of the pipes. They are  “presently considering how best to proceed,” said Ranta.

“We don’t see it as being a significant challenge to replace the pipes if that’s all that’s required,” he said.

If the treatment plant’s design is good, he said, fixing this latest problem shouldn’t be a challenge. If the design is bad, Ranta added, Council would hope the engineers would  fix their error at no cost to the Village.

Work on the plant was finished last Summer.

An undersized pump went unnoticed  until the Fall and prevented startup of the plant.

Council hoped to have a Grand Opening for the plant in January, but no new date has been set.