Garbage disposal puts Cache Creek workers at risk

Garbage collection system and people who don't follow the rules put garbage collection workers at risk.

Cache Creek resident will be asked to put a little more effort into preparing their garbage for pickup each week.

In response to a report from PublicWorks Superintendent Deb Channell, Council asked staff to come up with a plan to educate residents on how their garbage is to be presented for pickup.

Channell told Council in her report that the highly physical job of garbage collection is made more difficult by people who leave their containers by their house for the worker to come and get, leave dangerous objects in their containers, or exceed their allowed volume. There is no means of enforcing compliance for the current 1991 bylaw.

She said a musculoskeletal injury (MSI) assessment was conducted with WorkSafeBC that determined the current collection system puts the workers at a High Risk of injury.

Council considered that they may eventually have to change to a system similar to Ashcroft’s where the truck itself lifts the standardized garbage container.