Gas disaster averted

A Chevron customer didn't want to lose precious time filling up his gas tank while he used the restroom.

A serious incident at the Chevron pumps in Cache Creek could have ended worse than they did when an unattended gas pump poured 30 L of gasoline on the ground.

On Feb. 5 at 4 pm police were called to the Cache Creek service station to assist the Fire Dept. with a possible evacuation of the area due to fuel overflow from one of the pumps.

Apparently, one of the customers began filling his vehicle when the Call of Nature struck. The 27 year old Spanish tourist jammed a cigarette lighter under the trigger of the gas pump to keep it going while he headed for the restroom. When he returned, the parking lot was abuzz with activity and gasoline was spilling from the nozzle still positioned in the full gas tank. It is suspected that some of the gas went into the nearby storm drain.

The Ministry of Environment was informed of the incident, the man received a tongue lashing from several people on hand, and he had to pay $113 for his “fill up” before continuing on his way to Vancouver.