Lack of students cancels programs

Gold Trail cancels high school French, TRU cancels welding trailer due to lack of students.

Declining enrolment continues to affect education in local classrooms.

At a recent education committee meeting, Trustee Christopher Roden was concerned that French  was being offered this year in the high school.

Superintendent Teresa Downs replied that there weren’t enough students enroled in the course to go ahead with it.

The District requires a miminum of 15 students for an optional course. She said that enough students pre-registered for the course last summer, but over half of them had changed their minds by September.

The Welding Trailer from Thompson Rivers University was another casualty this year, as the required (by TRU) enrolment of 10 fell short by three students.

Six adults and one student passed the placement tests and met the criteria for the welding course.

“I do not accept from TRU their attitude,” said Trustee Carmen Ranta. “There is a mindset that seems to be missing and I would call it a lack of sensitivity for small communities.”

The committee voted to send a letter to TRU expressing its disappointment over cancellation of the trailer.