NDP candidate

NDP candidate

Lali tells crowd that Ashcroft is the “New Hope”

Fraser-Nicola MLA and NDP candidate Harry Lali tells supporters in Ashcroft that local voters pushed him to victory in the last election,

  • Mar. 27, 2013 12:00 p.m.

“Ashcroft is the New Hope,” Fraser-Nicola New Democrat MLA, Harry Lali, told a sold-out crowd on Saturday, March 16 at Ashcroft’s Central Cafe.

“Gordon Campbell gerrymandered the local electoral boundaries and removed my strongest polls in Hope and the Fraser Canyon from the Yale-Lillooet constituency,” explained Lali. “However, the re-instated polls in Ashcroft-Cache Creek-Clinton area delivered me my biggest margins of victory in 2009 in the new Fraser-Nicola electoral district, making your town the ‘New Hope’.”

Forty people packed the local eatery to hear Lali give one of his trademark fiery speeches outlining the litany of broken BC Liberal promises and their never-ending scandals.

Lali reminded the local audience of the  scandal involving BC Rail, the $6 million Basi-Virk payout just before they were going to spill the beans on the involvement of high-ranking former BC Liberal cabinet ministers and party officials, the near-bankrupting of BC Hydro by using deferral accounts, the misuse of taxpayers’ dollars for partisan attack ads and ethnic vote-buying with fake apologies, and bogus budgets in 2009 and 2013.”

“The Gordon Campbell-Christy Clark Liberals have completely mismanaged the finances of the province and destroyed the economy of rural BC,’ said Lali. “Since 2001, Liberal mismanagement of the forestry file has resulted in the closure of 95 mills and the elimination of 45,000 permanent, family-supporting jobs in dozens of small towns across BC.”

Lali also explained how the BC Liberals have recorded record deficits while the provincial debt has skyrocketed to its highest point since confederation.

“The people of BC are ready for a change in government,” said Lali. “Christy Clark and the BC Liberals need to spend some time in Opposition.”