Landfill industry declines after two decades

Metro Vancouver's waste tonnage for landfill is dwindling.

The compactor works at the Cache Creek Landfill

The compactor works at the Cache Creek Landfill

For over two decades, the Village of Cache Creek has been reviewing monthly tonnage reports from its partner, Metro Vancouver, and praising the town’s largest employer.

As the life of the current landfill runs out anåd MV has changed its focus away from landfills, the monthy reports reflect the decline of that industry, both in terms of local employment and in the revenue that filled out the town’s annual budget.

For the past few months, councillors have remarked that the tonnage for the current month has been the lowest yet, and September was no different.

Mayor John Ranta observed that 17,096.72 tonnes  was the lowest ever – half of last September’s normal 38,261 tonnes.

He also noted that there have been 15 layoffs at Wastech recently as a result of the decreased tonnage.

“It’s sad and disturbing that these jobs are being lost and waste is being transferred to Burns Bog (in Vancouver),” he said. “One wonders if the right management has been undertaken by Metro Vancouver” in diverting garbage and jobs away from Cache Creek.

Coun. Darrell Rawcliffe noted that there were now 30 employees at Wastech where there used to be 100, and two truckers left from 45.