Local groups filling up old school

The HUB Society's mission to turn the old Ashcroft school into a facility for public users is coming true.

The HUB Society is right on schedule with its plans for the old Ashcroft Elementary School.

“We have some groups in there now,” says HUB spokeswoman Juanita Little.

WRAPS is renting space to rehearse for their next play, My Fair Lady, and will give their performances there. Zumba is using space, Make Children First has an office, there are other workout classes as well as a lady interested in offering dance, she says.

Interior Savings staff are coming armed with buckets and rags on Oct. 15, choosing to help clean up the school for their Day of Difference. Little says they’ll be washing walls and floors, cleaning up after all the recent moving. There’s no custodial service at the moment, she says, so their help will make a big difference.

“It’s been a process to get it up and going,” says Little.

A lot of it is trial and error. Someone spraypainted graffiti on an exterior wall a couple of weeks ago. It was disheartening, she says, but “We painted over it to discourage additions.”

The biggest hurdle is paying for utilities and insurance for the playground.

They’re still looking for groups who want to rent space for either activities, offices or meeting rooms. They’ll consider anyone.