Local leaders meet with Minister Terry Lake

Local leaders travel to Victoria to lobby the newest Environment Minister on the benefits of the Cache Creek Landfill.

Cache Creek Mayor John Ranta and Coun. Wyatt McMurray are attending, along with Chief Greg Blain and Ashcroft Mayor Andy Anderson. Chief Terry Porter was invited to join them.

“I’ve been through seven environment ministers since I’ve been mayor,” said Anderson. “That’s one a year.”

Coun. Helen Kormendy was dismayed that the meeting was being held in Victoria when Lake’s riding isĀ  Kamloops-North Thompson.

“I’m just thinking of the costs,” she said.

After Council agreed to cover his travel, Anderson told them he would use the least expensive way.

Terry Lake, in Victoria on Apr. 18. So have representatives from Metro Vancouver and others involved in solid waste issues.