The first of the new batch of Stop of Interest signs was unveiled in Golden in November 2016. The Cache Creek Beautification Society hopes the site of the historic Cache Creek Boarding School will be recognized by the program.

The first of the new batch of Stop of Interest signs was unveiled in Golden in November 2016. The Cache Creek Beautification Society hopes the site of the historic Cache Creek Boarding School will be recognized by the program.

Local news briefs: Beautification Society looks for recognition for historic boarding school

The Cache Creek Beautification has received support from School District No. 74 and the Village of Cache Creek.

Proposed Stops of Interest

The Cache Creek Beautification Society has asked the Village of Cache Creek and the Board of Education of School District No. 74 for letters of support for their request to have the site of the Cache Creek Central Boarding School (1874–1890) recognized with a new Stop of Interest sign.

The society is suggesting to the Ministry of Transportation that the site be considered for one of the more than 75 new signs to be erected this year. The Central Boarding School was located on the site where Cache Creek Elementary School now stands, and was the first publicly-funded boarding school in the province outside the Lower Mainland.

In December the Village of Ashcroft submitted a proposal for a Stop of Interest sign commemorating the historic Chinese Cemetery in Ashcroft, and the contributions of early Chinese workers, businesspeople, farmers, and ranchers in the area.

Anyone can nominate a significant person, place, or event for inclusion on a new Stop of Interest sign. The deadline for applications is January 31, 2017; for more information go to

Board of Education by-election

School District No. 74 Board of Education trustee Jim MacArthur (District of Lillooet) has resigned from the board as of January 31, 2017. The District of Lillooet will be responsible for setting the date of, and conducting, the by-election. No date for the by-election has been set.

Science First Peoples

The First Nations Education Steering Committee of SD 74 has developed a new resource called “Science of First People 5–9”, in recognition of the fact that a wealth of First Peoples’ science knowledge is held by communities. The guide can be used in conjunction with locally-based resources, Elders, and community members.

The resource guide includes such multi-grade, theme-based units as traditional ecological knowledge; plants and connection to place; power from the land; climate change; ocean connections; and shaking and flooding.

Hospitality awards program

Tourism Kamloops has teamed up with the Kamloops Blazers hockey organization to launch a hospitality awards program, designed to highlight the best people on the front lines who provide exceptional customer service. Members of the public can nominate people and businesses in Kamloops in four areas: Most Valuable Player in Food and Beverage; Accommodation Service Captain; Attraction Services Leader; and Top Scorer in Tourism Services.

“Our hospitality ambassadors are so important to Kamloops, and are usually the first point of contact for visitors,” says Beverley DeSantis, CEO of Tourism Kamloops. “We really felt a need to celebrate greatness amongst them, but with a fun-filled, community-spirited twist.”

Nominations are being accepted until January 27, 2017, with the nominees, finalists, and winners recognized at a reception at the Sandman Centre on February 19. For more information, or to nominate someone outstanding in Kamloops, go to

Doctor recruitment and retention portal

The Division of Family Practice Recruitment and Retention steering committee has launched, a new family doctor recruitment and retention website. It is designed as a one-stop portal to help make it easier for doctors to join B.C. communities.

The portal has two parts. The first is aimed at family doctors, residents, and students within B.C. and around the world, and provides access to information about building a career in B.C. communities. Included are such items as licensing and immigration procedures; lifestyle options across the province; and how to find the right job practicing family medicine.

The other part of the site contains tools and information designed to support regional Divisions of Family Practice and their partners with their recruitment and retention activities. It includes information about such things as preparing for the recruitment and retention of family physicians; attracting and engaging GPs; and supporting and keeping GPs in the community.

Resolve to be prepared in 2017

No, this is not about joining the Boy Scouts. Instead, Emergency Management BC (EMBC) is asking British Columbians to make emergency preparedness a priority, and to invest in preparedness for your home, family, neighbourhood, and community.

Through its PreparedBC site (, EMBC offers tips and resources to help make personal preparedness easily achievable. It encourages people to start by building a home emergency kit, and developing a household plan that people can practice throughout the year and be confident in.

Creating a home emergency kit doesn’t need to take long or become costly.

A few basics, that should be stored in an easy-to-access location in case of emergency, include a first aid kit; a battery-powered or hand-crank radio; a flashlight and extra batteries; a whistle to signal for help; garbage bags; dust masks; and a minimum three-day supply of food and water per person.