A man who fed rice cakes to a bear on Vancouver Island has been fined $345.

A man who fed rice cakes to a bear on Vancouver Island has been fined $345.

Local news: Change to Clinton Art Show dates

Plus two men get a stiff fine for feeding rice cakes to a bear on Vancouver Island.

Clinton art show

The art show that was scheduled for Clinton last weekend has been postponed to the weekend of October 14 to 16. Sponsored by the Clinton Art and Cultural Society, the show is open to artists working in any medium. Anyone interested in taking part in this year’s show should contact Nancy McMinn at (250) 459-2976 or snirt6@gmail.com.

Changes to farmland use

The provincial government has clarified the rules around permitted agri-tourism activities in Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) lands, allowing farmers more opportunities to create revenue streams. Farmers may now take payment to host up to 10 events a year such as weddings and concerts, as long as no more than 150 guests are in attendance and a number of conditions are met. Any farmer wanting to host more than 10 such events in a year must apply to the Agricultural Land Commission for a permit.

The government has also clarified its policies around farm tours and demonstrations; corn mazes; hay-, tractor-, and sleigh-rides; pumpkin patch tours; seasonal promotional events, such as harvest and Christmas fairs and activities; and other special events that promote farm products. No special permit for any of these uses is required. The new regulations go into effect immediately.

Farmers now have more potential revenue streams for their land. Photo from Black Press.

Do not feed the bears

Two men who fed rice cakes to a bear on Vancouver Island in April, then posted a video of the incident on YouTube, have been fined $345. Feeding bears puts both people and animals at risk, as bears that have been fed by people can associate humans with a food source and become aggressive, or wander onto roads looking for food. Bears that become a danger to humans may have to be destroyed. Do not feed bears, or leave garbage or other attractants where bears can get to them, especially if you are camping. Feeding, or negligently attracting, bears is an offence under the Wildlife Act.