Locally grown food gets support

Councils give their support to plan to boost local food production and marketing.

Local governments are coming on board with a proposal to study and increase local food production in the area.

Farmer Marg Durnin and Ashcroft Chamber of Commerce president Dave Durksen attended Council meetings in Cache Creek and Ashcroft on Monday night to tell councillors about their proposal and to ask them to apply for a $5,000 Healthy Communities grant, available to all communities.

Cache Creek had already applied for the funding for another use, but supported the proposal and asked to be kept informed. Ashcroft agreed to apply for the funding and supported the proposal in principle. Durnin said TNRD Area I was involved, Merritt had also responded favourable, and they were planning to talk to Clinton, Lytton, Logan Lake and Lillooet.

“What brought it to a head for me was what happened to Horstings,” said Durnin.

Once a busy and vibrant farm with orchards and fields full of vegetable crops, the property is once again for sale and the land is uncared for.

“It’s certainly consistent with our Official Community Plan,” pointed out Cache Creek Mayor John Ranta.

Four or five communities applying for the grant would give the project approximately  $20,000 to operate on.

If they can find the money, they plan to form a steering committee with representatives from each of the communities, talk to producers and consumers, collect research and find ways to support and increase local food producers.