Kayakers enjoy the Lytton pool

Kayakers enjoy the Lytton pool

Lytton pool receives funding for repairs

Grant from the TNRD will allow much-needed repair to the pool deck.

The Village of Lytton is receiving $20,000 in Gas Tax Fund revenues from Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD) Area “I”, to assist in infrastructure upgrades to the pool.

“The pool is in desperate need of repairs and upgrades,” says TNRD Area “I” Director Steve Rice. “I keep my ears open with regards to facilities used by Area ‘I’ residents, and didn’t hesitate to give them funds for the pool, which is used by people from Spences Bridge to Siska. We need to repair it and keep it in good working order.”

Keir Gervais, Chief Administrative Officer for the Village of Lytton, says that the money will be used to do repairs to the pool deck, as well as minor repairs and upgrades to the change room area and the mechanical room and minor repairs to the fence. “We’ll be removing a significant portion of the concrete pool deck and replacing it,” he says.

The Municipal Insurance Authority and Interior Health did inspections of the pool last year, and said that repairs were needed to the infrastructure to reduce tripping hazards. “There’s been some settling of the concrete deck,” says Gervais, which presented a hazard to pool users.

Gervais says that the Village applied to Rice for funds because the Lytton pool serves many residents of TNRD Area “I”. “We were very pleased to receive support from the TNRD.”

Rice says he has no problem working within his area’s boundaries to form partnerships. “If a facility is used by people from more than one community in Area ‘I’ then I’m happy to consider funding.”

Gervais says that with the funding secured, the next step is to solicit quotes for the job and get the work done before the pool opens in late June. “The pool is of significant importance to the Lytton Mayor and Council, as it’s a primary location for Lytton and Area ‘I’ residents to learn to swim and have fun. We’re very appreciative of the funding support provided by Director Rice and the TNRD.”