Lytton RCMP Sgt. Curtis Davis accepts a plaque from Patsy Weekley of the Lytton post office in Oct. 2018, to commemorate a first responders stamp from Canada Post. (Photo credit: Submitted)

Lytton RCMP Sgt. Curtis Davis accepts a plaque from Patsy Weekley of the Lytton post office in Oct. 2018, to commemorate a first responders stamp from Canada Post. (Photo credit: Submitted)

Lytton RCMP sergeant says farewell as posting comes to an end

Sgt. Curtis Davis is transferring out of Lytton and is sad to be leaving the area

By Sgt. Curtis Davis

Lytton RCMP responded to 57 calls for service between Oct. 30 and Nov. 26, including 12 traffic-related calls.

Nicomen House theft

On Nov. 3, it was found that the electric fence charger was stolen from around the Nicomen House, where Kumsheen Rafting has their lunch stop. The suspects also broke into the building. If you were in the area and saw something, please give us a call.

(Not so) high risk call

On Nov. 5 we responded to a complaint that someone was being beaten up in a house, and that escalated to the caller reporting that someone had been killed. None of this was true! However, we do treat these calls as high risk, and believe what we are told until we see it for ourselves.

Two officers attended and cleared the home to make certain everyone was okay. They were, except for the very intoxicated caller, who had subsequently bitten the home owner. She later stated she only wanted the police to give her a ride home. Alas, that was not to be. She was lodged in cells and later released with a court date.

Public mischief is defined as making a false complaint that causes the police to enter into an investigation. These calls waste valuable time and, thankfully, do not happen often.

One thing leads to another

On Nov. 6 we attended a complaint of a vehicle knocking down the power lines on Highway 8, about 15 kilometres from Spences Bridge. The complainant added that the two occupants of the pickup were fighting on the highway. When we attended, the fight was over and the power was out.

Witnesses identified the driver, who was arrested for impaired driving and provided breath samples at the detachment. He too got a court date, and I know that BC Hydro will be knocking on his door in the future.

We later learned that they were fighting because the passenger had let the driver drive impaired. Huh.

Icy overpass causes trouble

On Nov. 7 we met our partners, Yellowhead Road and Bridge, on the East Drynock overpass, between Nicomen and Spences Bridge. Three tractor-trailers were involved in an icy collision.

The highway was great prior to and after the overpass, but the overpass itself was so icy it was nearly impossible to stand. Yellowhead worked quickly to get the overpass serviceable and alternating one-way traffic in place. There were no injuries and no charges.

ATM vandalized

On Nov. 21 we were told that the Scotiabank ATM had been vandalized. Two things worked in our favour here. First, it’s a bank! There were cameras with excellent resolution. And second, the bank card that was stuck in the machine? Well, the cardholder matched the description of the vandal on camera. This made it easy when he was spotted at the grocery store. He was arrested and released on paperwork for a future court date.

Scotiabank is working with us to supply the security images and the dollar value of the damage. As the only bank machine in town, I know what an inconvenience this is.

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu

Lastly, on Nov. 26, I marked my final working day at the Lytton detachment. Many in the community will tell you: I am not happy to be leaving.

I have eagerly looked forward to every other transfer. Not this one. I have been involved and engaged in other communities, but not to the same degree as here. This is a very warm (pun intended) and welcoming area.

There are too many people to mention by name, so I won’t even try. Over the years I have received many wonderful and cherished gifts to remind me of this home. My memories will last longer. I must respect the COVID-19 rules and not go visiting to say goodbye, so I will do that here.

Oh, and don’t forget: be kind, be calm, and be safe. And put on your winter tires.

If you have information about any Lytton police files or crimes, call the Lytton RCMP detachment at (250) 455-2225. If you wish to remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

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