Mardsen Lake area evacuation order

Mardsen Lake area evacuation order

South Green Lake on alert

The Mardsen Lake area is on evacuation order as a result of the Ashcroft Reserve Fire. A separate alert has been issued for the South Green Lake area, according to the latest updates from the TNRD.

See the interactive map:

Because of the potential danger to life and health, the Thompson-Nicola Regional District has ordered everyone to evacuate the following properties immediately:

• 1605 Boule-Young Lake Rd

• 4415 Clinton-Loon Lake FSR

• 5885 Clinton-Upper Loon Lake FSR

• 2080 Eagan-Bonaparte Lake FSR

• 6000 French Rd

• 1350 to 1791 Hutchinson Rd

• 1420 to 1475 Janzen Terr

• 2025 Mound-Loon Lake Rd

• 9340 Rose Rd

• 1410 to 1490 Thibert Rd

If you are in the described area, you must leave immediately. It is suggested that evacuees

turn off the power and propane to their residences. If you have large animals/livestock in

need of shelter, please contact the TNRD EOC at 1-866-377-7188.

If you require support services such as food and accommodation please register at the

Sandman Centre at 300 Lorne Street, Kamloops, BC.