The Ashcroft ambulance station is receiving four more full-time paramedics. (Photo credit: Journal files)

The Ashcroft ambulance station is receiving four more full-time paramedics. (Photo credit: Journal files)

More full-time positions created at Ashcroft ambulance station

Move will help stabilize paramedic staffing and ambulance services

The Ashcroft ambulance station is one of 31 stations around the province receiving more permanent full-time paramedic positions.

The news was released in a letter signed by Leanne Heppell — Executive Vice-President and Chief Ambulance Officer for BC Emergency Health Services — and dated Sept. 14. It was later confirmed with BCEHS that Ashcroft would be getting four new permanent full-time paramedics.

As of November 2021, staffing at the Ashcroft station was increased to nine full-time positions: enough to fully staff, and provide relief for, a 24/7 Alpha ambulance that operates 365 days a year. The second, or Kilo, ambulance at the station was staffed by on-call employees.

The new positions mean that this Kilo ambulance will become a Bravo ambulance, staffed by the four new full-time paramedics. It will be able to operate 11 hours per day, 365 days a year, with these paramedics; the other 13 hours per day it will continue to be staffed by on-call employees as before.

The letter from Heppell states that the change from on-call to more full-time paramedics will “create more permanent jobs in these communities and will help stabilize our paramedic staffing, which in turn will improve responsiveness and emergency coverage.

“[This] news means BCEHS is adding 208 full-time regular positions to the provincial ambulance service in rural areas. At the ambulance station in [Ashcroft], the on-call daytime ambulance, referred to as a Kilo unit, will be converting to a fully staffed ‘Bravo’ ambulance, which refers to its 11-hour-a-day shift. This new Bravo unit will operate seven days a week on a permanent basis.”

BCEHS is hoping to recruit new paramedics in the local community, for full-time and part-time positions. Anyone interested in learning more about a career in paramedicine can contact BCEHS at

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