New library lights up

News from the Cache Creek Village Council meeting on July 16.

From the Cache Creek Council meeting on July 16.

Roll Call: Mayor John Ranta and councillors Lisa Dafoe, Herb Hofer and Darrell Rawcliffe. Missing: Coun. Wyatt McMurray.

Desert Corridor

Ashcroft resident Bill Drinkwater presented a copy of his book, Canada’s 100 Mile Desert Corridor, to Cache Creek Council for display in the Village Office.

Drinkwater told councillors that he likes walking, and has probably walked the equivalent of Lytton to Kamloops – on both sides of the river – over the years. He said that his wife, Hilda, told him he should take pictures while he walked, so he bought a camera and began taking pictures. Then she asked him what he was going to do with all of the pictures he’d been taking. He decided to put them together in a book.

We have a unique valley, he said, and he is “just fascinated by it.”

Most, but not all of the pictures in the book were taken by him.

Library plans approved

Council reviewed and approved the Development Permit from Silver Spur Construction Ltd. for the new library.

Mayor John Ranta noted that the permit submitted by the company described its plans in a very broad and general sense, but discussions with the TNRD resulted in new drawings that showed a neon-like sign above the front doors and ample parking for small and large vehicles in the parking lot. The new drawings were submitted along with the permit.

Ranta suggested that the motion to approve be amended to reflect that construction of the library be completed in accordance with the changes in the new drawings.

Coun. Darrel Rawclife said he felt the Village should adopt the use of LED lights rather than neon.

Ranta said he agreed, and that the development permit guidelines needed to be amended. LED lights weren’t available when guidelines were written, he said, but they are more energy efficient and flexible to use.

The Village requires new commercial development downtown to show a little bit of “neon” in keeping with the town’s “Graffiti Days” theme. The new library will have a neon-like sign that says “Cache Creek Library” over the main door.

Next Meeting

Aug. 20 at 7 pm in the Village Office.