No Ashcroft Tourist Booth this year

Moving the tourist info booth is apparently harder than it looks.

“This is not as easy as we thought it would be,” said Ashcroft Mayor Jack Jeyes as Council reviewed the proposed move of the tourist booth at the June 22 Ashcroft Council meeting.

Council was hoping that it would be a simple matter to move the small structure from its current location by the car wash to Heritage Place Park, but councillors quickly discovered there are many questions that first need answers.

Such as whose building is it and who is going to pay for the move?

For this year, tourists will be directed to the Museum which will have some tourist guides and pamphlets for them.

Staff pointed out the booth was built by a local businessman and placed on his property for the Chamber of Commerce. This was never put into writing.

Administrator Michelle Allen noted that the area has become overgrown with weeds, but the Village cannot spray for weeds on private property. She asked Council to authorize removing the signs on the booth. The electricity will also have to be disconnected before it can be moved, but if the utility is in businessman Al Alberts’ name, he will have to be the one to authorize the disconnection. He no longer lives in the area.

Council adopted staff recommendations that Alberts be contacted and requested to provide a  letter confirming that the Chamber of Commerce is the building’s owner; that the Village and Chamber discuss moving costs and long term operation and maintenance; and that Museum staff be requested to obtain and display additional tourist information as their time and space allows for 2015 season.

Council was hopeful that the booth could be relocated and operational for the 2016 season. The property that it sits on is currently for sale.