No word on Cache Creek bank’s reopening

Over a week after the fire in Cache Creek's only bank, the Royal Bank remains closed with no clear plans to reopen.

The Royal Bank is advising its Cache Creek clients to do their banking in Kamloops until further notice.

“We apologize to our clients for any inconvenience and greatly appreciate your patience,” said Pam Shaw, Regional Vice President, BC Interior, RBC Royal Bank. “We are currently working closely with authorities to determine when it will be safe to access the branch and we will provide additional information to clients in the coming days.”

Cache Creek Village Administrator Dan Plamondon said the Village has had a number of calls from people since a fire on July 28 closed the Royal Bank branch indefinitely.

“The questions,” he said, “are usually when are they going to resume business, are they going to resume business? Will there be interim service with an ATM?”

The company needs a structural engineer to determine the security of the roof before anyone can go back inside, said Plamondon. The rest of the damage appears to be cosmetic.

Plamondon said Village staff has been driving to either Kamloops or Merrit to do the Village’s banking.

For all immediate banking needs, clients can visit or call our nearest Kamloops branch located at 1210 Summit Dr., or phone 250-374-8334, said Shaw. Or call 1-800-769-2511 for more information.