Oasis Plaza given 30 days

Following the advice of their lawyers, Cache Creek Council has given the owners of the Oasis Plaza 30 days to clean up their property.

Following the advice of their lawyers, Cache Creek Council has notified the owners of the Oasis Plaza that they have 30 days to comply with their order to board up the front of the building, and 15 days if they choose to appeal it.

The order is backed up by several legal documents to be served upon the owners, including the principle owner Joe Carhoun.

Carhoun was invited by the Village to be attend the Aug. 18 Council meeting where the decision was made, but he was not in attendance.

“We’re further down the road to addressing the issue than we’ve ever been,” said Mayor John Ranta. “We’re doing our best to ensure the unsightliness of the premises will be rectified.”

The owners have been given notice that remedial action requirements are as follows: a) affix plywood panelling between the steel columns located on the Building’s front covered sidewalk area in order to enclose  and secure the Sidewalk Area from unauthorized entry by persons, birds, animals or like things; B) remove all signage and signage structures affixed to the Building; c) apply grey durable exterior paint to the boarded up area as well as to the Building’s front elevation and below the Building’s second floor teal siding; and d) remove all weeds in front of the Building.

Ranta said if action still isn’t taken, Council will be seeking more legal advice, but the end result of that is expected that the Village will have the work done at the owners’ expense.

Council also received a letter from the Chamber of Commerce stating that the building’s appearance has had a negative impact on tourism.