Chris O'Connor

Chris O'Connor

O’Connor seeks BC Liberal nomination

Former Lytton mayor, Chris O'Connor, says he's ready to get back into politics.

BC’s next provincial election is almost a year away, but Chris O’Connor is getting an early start.

Last week the forestry consultant and former mayor of Lytton announced that he would be seeking the Liberal nomination in Yale-Lillooet to run for MLA in the next election.

“I don’t know who’s running at this point other than me,” he said. “I’m throwing my hat into the ring with no expecation of who’s running.”

Although it’s expected that incumbent NDP MLA, Harry Lali will be seeking re-election.

O’Connor says the area hasn’t had good representation by its elected politicians in 20 years. He is prepared to listen to people in all communities, and “I’m not above taking the government to task, even through I am a supporter.”

O’Connor says the recent spate of Liberal Cabinet resignations are part of the Party’s renewal. The retiring MLAs all did a good job, he said, but “all politicians have a ‘best before’ date.”

Members of the Liberal party will select their candidates in the Fall.