Planning starts for four lanes

Just a little behind schedule, planning has begun to four-lane Hwy 97 through Cache Creek and beyond as part of the Cariboo Connector.

Cache Creek is a little bit closer to the four lanes through town and beyond that was promised with then Premier Gordon Campbell announced the Cariboo Connector in 2004.

The bridge at the north end of town was part of Phase I of the plan to “four lane” Hwy 97 from Cache Creek to Prince George. Phase 3 has been announced but the bridge still hasn’t been widened.

But now it’s at least being looked at after several meetings between Council and Highways Minister Todd Stone.

“Before we can undertake a project we need to plan it,” said Mayor John Ranta. “At our most recent meeting we agreed to embark on planning to 2 km north of town and include the Bonaparte Bridge.”

Administrator Melany de Weerdt says an environmental engineer was in town last week to look at historical maps of the area as  part of the planning.