Police Report – 5 cows killed in highway accident

The weekly crime blotter from the Ashcroft Detachment of the RCMP.

Prohibited driver caught

Oct. 29 at 1:25 pm police received a tip that an unlicensed driver was travelling south on Hwy 1 towards Cache Creek. The vehicle was located on Hwy 1 near the Semlin Ranch and the driver was found to be prohibited from driving. The 43 year old Lillooet man was charged with driving while prohibited and his vehicle was impounded for seven days.

Sun in his eyes

Oct. 29 at 5 pm police were called to a collision by the Tolko plant on Evans Rd. after a 25 year old Delta man struck the cement blockade to one side of the gate across the road. The man advised that the sun in his eyes blinded him. He was not injured and there was minor damage to the company truck he was driving.

A minor problem

Oct. 30 at 11 am police were notified that two different adults were buying liquor for a minor at the Oasis Liquor Store. One of the adults was located and identified as the father of the “minor” who was 19 years old, but was not carrying identification. Police determined that no offence had taken place.

Shots fired

Oct. 30 at 3 pm police were notified of shots being fired on the Ashcroft Reserve. The matter is still under investigation.

Cows killed on Hwy 97

Oct. 31 at 3 am police received a complaint of cows on Hwy 97 north of the Bonaparte Reserve.

At 8:20 am police received another complaint of a cow on the highway in the same area, standing in the southbound lane about 4 km from Cache Creek. The cow’s owner was contacted and retrieved his cow.

Nov. 3 at 2:50 am five cows were killed on Hwy 97 when a southbound transport truck hit them. Three were killed immediately, two were put down because of their injuries. The driver of the truck, a 53 year old New Westminster man, was not injured.

At 8:50 am, police received a complaint of more cows on the highway in the same area. They were gone by the time police arrived.

Driver avoids collision

Oct. 31 at 7:30 am police were called to a single vehicle accident on Hwy 97C just south of the Hwy 1 turnoff where a Dodge Caravan swerved to miss a deer. The vehicle was sitting on the south shoulder of the highway with no visible damage. The driver, a 25 year old Cache Creek man, was not at the scene, but was not injured.

Family feud on the street

Oct. 31 at 1:30 pm police were called to settle a family dispute on the sidewalk outside Peoples Drug Mart in Ashcroft after a 30 year old man got into a loud argument with his mother, whom he said owed him money. His father arrived and told the son to leave, but the young man spit in his face and threatened him before walking away. All three are Clinton residents. Police contacted and spoke to the man, but the mother didn’t want to press any charges.

Signature stolen

Oct. 31 at 4 pm police received a complaint from a 31 year old Cache Creek man that his signature had been stolen and sold to a company to use. The man didn’t have any proof of its theft or use, but said it had been stolen by someone who owed him money.

Raining rocks on Hwy 1

Nov. 2 at 2 pm police received a complaint of rocks strewn across Hwy 1 near Walhachin. Interior Roads was notified and cleaned them up, including one 50-pound rock. No vehicles were damaged.

No seat belt, no drugs

Nov. 2 at 3:30 pm Traffic Services was conducting seat belt enforcement on Hwy 97 at Stage Rd. in Cache Creek when a driver was stopped for not wearing a seat belt. The officer observed a baggie on the floor containing a marijuana joint. The vehicle was searched and a small amount of marijuana was seized from the 24 year old Abbotsford man. He was issued a ticket for the seat belt violation.

Stolen truck recovered

Nov. 2 at 11:30 pm police checked an empty black Dodge pickup parked on the side of Hwy 97 near Hwy 99. The truck had been stolen out of Pitt Meadows and the plates were stolen out of Ridge Meadows. The truck was not damaged. RCMP in the Lower Mainland were notified.

Broken nose ends fight

Nov. 3 at 1:30 am police were called to a fight outside the A&W in Cache Creek after a customer was refused service. The 19 year old man came into the restaurant, intoxicated and belligerant and was told to leave. A clerk followed him out of the store to make sure that he left, and they both got into a fight. Police located the man on the Skeetchestn Reserve later that night when he called for an ambulance to treat his broken nose.

Quick end to the day

Nov. 3 at noon police were called to remove an intoxicated patron who had passed out at his table in a Cache Creek restaurant. Police found the 50 year old Cache Creek man asleep and drooling. He was barely able to respond to their questions. He was arrested for being drunk in a public place and lodged in cells until sober.

Lamp post in the way

Nov. 3 at 6 pm police were called to a parking lot collision at the Cache Creek Husky after a 21 year old Armstrong man failed to see a lamp post behind him as he backed up his vehicle. He was no injured and the only damage was to the lamp post.

Fencing stolen

Nov. 4 the Bonaparte Indian Band called to report that 200 feet of chain link fence and approximately 10 fence posts had been stolen from their property next to the gravel pit on Hwy 99. The fence had surrounded an old rodeo arena, and it is not known exactly when it went missing because the fencing visible from the highway was still intact.

Nap time

Nov. 5 at 12:15 am police received a report of a green truck pulling a horse trailer, doing 40 kph in the 100 kph zone and weaving all over the highway. The truck was located pulled over on Hwy 97 just south of Hwy 99. The driver, an 82 year old Vernon man, said he was tired and needed a nap.