Police Report – Bad drivers, impaired drivers, prohibited drivers

The weekly crime blotter from the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment.

Hydro pole on fire

Apr. 22 at 11:50 am a Walhachin resident called to report a power pole on fire near Central Ave. Police attended with BC Hydro employees who repaired the pole and transformer. Electiricy was off while this was taken care of.

Sick, not drunk

Apr. 22 at 12:25 pm police received a complaint of a possibly impaired driver on Hwy 97 driving north. Clinton RCMP was notified and located the vehicle, which they stopped. The 59 year old Clinton driver, who was weaving in and out of lanes and driving at an inconsistent speed, showed no signs of impairment but medical issues were noted. She was given a verbal warning about her driving.

Credit card fraud

Apr. 22 at 1:01 pm an Ashcroft woman reported that her elderly mother had given out her credit card information over the telephone and there were now unauthorized expenses on her bill. The card was cancelled to prevent further uses.

Not illegal to sell

Apr. 22 at 6:42 pm police received a complaint that an underage staff member was selling cigarettes at the OK Stop in Ashcroft. Police contacted the BC Health Authority’s Tobacco Enforcement office and were told that it is not illegal for underaged (14 in this case) employees to sell tobacco products. It is only illegal for them to buy it.

Age old questions

Apr. 23 at 10:50 am a 32 year old Cache Creek man called the Detachment to ask questions about a ticket he received in 2008 for making an illegal U-turn on Hwy 1 which resulted in a collission with a second vehicle. He wanted to know whether the driver of the second vehicle was using a cell phone at the time, and what speed she was driving at. He was told that the time limit to dispute a traffic ticket is 30 days.

4×4-ing in town

Apr. 23 at 7:23 pm police received a complaint about a 75 year old Cache Creek man who had been driving erratically for some time, according to the complainant – hitting poles, driving over curbs, etc. Police spoke to the man who carried on eating his supper while he was advised of the complaints against him. When asked if he had been retested recently for his license, he just laughed. A visual examination of his vehicle showed that it could have been in minor accidents recently. A letter was sent to the Motor Vehicle branch suggesting that he be retested for his license.

Missing backpack

Apr. 23 at 8:47 pm a 61 year old man of no fixed address called to advise police that he had lost his black backpack at the Husky the previous week as a result of being arrested by police and put in jail. He said the bag contained his ID and legal papers, etc. The man was not in possession of a backpack when arrested, and nothing had been turned in to staff. If one is found, it can be turned in at the Detachment.

Give your head a shake

Apr. 25 at 11:32 am a 32 year old Kamloops man attended the Detachment to complain about an encounter he’d just had downtown. He said he parked his van in front of the fire station and got out. Not more than 45 seconds later a man came up to him and wrote down his license plate number while commenting: “give your head a shake” and “happens all the time”. He also put both hands in his pocket, which the man found very threatening as he might have been reaching for a gun. The man was advised that nothing in the encounter could have been perceived as a threat that they could act on.

Impaired driver

Apr. 27 at 2:17 pm an officer on patrol was flagged down by a pedestrian who informed him that a nearby brown pickup had a possibly impaired driver. The officer located and followed the pickup for several blocks, noting a lack of turn signals,  and an illegal parking. The officer approached the 70 year old driver as he was exiting the truck. He showed signs of intoxication and said he’d had two glasses of wine with his lunch. He Failed a roadside sobriety test and was issued a 90 day driving suspension. His pickup was impounded for 30 days.

Resisting arrest

Apr. 27 at 8:30 pm while conducting a road check at Hwy 99 by Hat Creek Ranch, Traffic Service officers noticed that a vehicle had stopped short of the road check and had pulled over. Police went over to speak to him while he busied himself with the young children in the vehicle. When asked if he had a drivers license, he admitted that he was prohibited from driving. He then actively resisted the officers’ attempts to arrest him. Officers eventually pepper-sprayed him to subdue the 33 year old Lillooet man. He was charged with resisting arrest and three counts of driving while prohibited. His vehicle was impounded. Family members from Lillooet came to give him and his family a ride home.