Police Report – bad driving habits, what’s yours is mine

The weekly crime blotter from the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment.

Put away for safe keeping

July 22 at 10:20 am police received a complaint from an Ashcroft woman who said that her child’s bike had been stolen from the public pool the day before. A short investigation determined that a Village employee had found the bike in the pool parking lot and put it in the pumphouse for safekeeping. It was returned to the family.

Recyclables stolen

July 22 a 53 year old Ashcroft man called to report that someone had entered his yard earlier that day and taken a bin full of bottles and cans that had been collected to return for their deposit. The man confronted a person of interest and the articles were returned. However, the person returned to the house later and engaged in a “wierd” conversation with the complainant at the door. He was described as short, with curly dirty blond hair. He was seen loading bags into a pickup truck, but no license plate number was obtained.

At 6 pm, Ashcroft Liquor Store staff called to complain about a suspicious male inside the store. Based on his actions, they were ready to refuse him service and didn’t think he would react well. Police attended and spoke to the white 50 year old blond male of no fixed address. He said he was on his way to Vancouver and left in a pickup truck. There were no further complaints.

New driver with bad habits

July 23 at 4:31 pm a Traffic Services officer was patrolling the area when he noticed a westbound Accura speeding down the highway by the Wastech offices. He was travelling at 143 kph in the 100 kph zone and stopped. The 27 year old Coquitlam man was flagged by ICBC to be served with a four month driving prohibition. He was also issued a ticket for not displaying his N. A passenger in the car had a valid drivers license and was allowed to take control of the car.

Well wishes not well received

July 24 at 3:45 pm a 21 year old Ashcroft woman reported that her ex-boyfriend, a 24 year old Fort St. John man, was repeatedly messaging her Facebook page after being told to stop. She had already changed her cell phone number to prevent his phone calls. When contacted, he told police that he had only wished her a happy birthday and said he would stop contacting her.

Moving cheaply gets expensive

July 24 at 9:36 pm RCMP were asked to assist the Lytton Detachment after a business owner called to complain about children being kept in a UHaul. The business owner noticed a UHaul with Arizona plates parked at his business in Lytton and a man sleeping in the truck. He woke the man and told him he couldn’t sleep there, so the man got out of the truck and went around to the back of the trailer. When he opened the door, the business owner saw three young children inside and called the police. The UHaul was intercepted at the Husky in Cache Creek. The 31 year old man advised police that he and his family were on their way from Vancouver to Terrace where he was to take up a new job. They couldn’t afford to stay in motels, so a bed was set up in the UHaul for the three children and their mother to sleep in at night, while he slept in the truck. He was issued tickets for having too many passengers and not enough seat belts and told that he could drive no further until that situation was remedied.

Spitting mad

July 26 at 10:46 pm police were called to the Ashcroft hospital to deal with an intoxicated and aggressive patient. The 62 year old Cache Creek man was brought in by paramedics after he fell outside of his residence. He was calm until he arrived at the hospital, and then he began yelling, swearing and spitting. He was arrested for causing a disturbance and lodged in cells until sober.

Driving while prohibited

July 27 at 11:17 am while on a routine patrol in Cache Creek, officers stopped a suspicious driver in a pickup. The man failed to produce a Drivers License and was identified as a prohibited driver. The 28 year old Salmon Arm man was charged with driving while prohibited and his truck was impounded.

The old digs

July 28 at 9:43 am police received a complaint that a former resident of an apartment building on Stage Rd. had returned and was trying to break into her old apartment that was still occupied by her ex boyfriend. Police attended and spoke to the 31 year old woman who said she had just knocked on the door to see if he was home. No damage had been done to the door. She was advised to make arrangements by telephone to come and collect her belongings before returning.

Rural break and enter

July 28 police received a report that a house near Scottie Creek had been broken into some time overnight and stolen were a hard hat and a power saw. The matter is still under investigation.

Smash and grab

July 28 at 10:34 am a 58 year old Willow River woman called to report that her Oldsmobile Cutlass had been broken into while it was parked at the side of Hwy 1 across from the Walhachin entrance. She had met her husband there, who was working in Walhachin, and parked her car while they used his to drive to Kamloops. When they returned, they found the car’s back window smashed and the satellite radio gone. They were advised to contact ICBC.

Trailer stolen

July 28 at 11:17 am police were advised by a 38 year old Cache Creek man that his 2005 Double A flatdeck trailer had been stolen some time overnight from the Chevron commercial cardlock parking lot at the corner of Hwy 1 and 97C. Anyone with any information about this are asked to phone the RCMP at 453-2261.