Police Report – bear sightings and backyard thefts

The weekly crime blotter from the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment.

Kayak stolen

Sept. 16 a 36 year old Ashcroft woman reported that her kayak and paddle had been stolen from her yard on Hill St. some time overnight. The red kayak was 12-feet long with a single dry bin in the centre. Anyone with information on this is asked to call the RCMP.

Directionally impaired driver

Sept. 16 at 3:55 pm Traffic Services noted a southbound vehicle on Hwy 97 just south of Clinton swerving back and forth over the shoulder line. The vehicle was stopped at Cariboo Rd. The officer observed a cooler bag on the seat next to the driver, a 33 year old woman from the Vernon area. She said she was heading to Fort St. John but got turned around and spent four hours driving in the wrong direction. There were no open liquor bottles in the car, but there two Bacardi coolers in the cooler bag. She Failed a roadside sobriety test twice and given a 90 day driving suspension. Her vehicle was impounded.

Broken down truck

Sept. 16 at 3:16 am a 40 year old woman in the Ashcroft area called to report that her 60 year old husband had gone to Chilliwack to pick up a truck and hadn’t returned when he was supposed to. She spoke to him last in Yale as he was heading home. She called back at 1130 am to say she had just spoken to him. He was in Boston Bar at the side of the road with a broken down truck.

Sometimes it’s not a scam

Sept. 16 at 11:35 am a 70 year old Ashcroft man attended the Detachment to report what he assumed to be a fraudulent attempt to steal $450 from him. He was told that NCO Financial Services was a legitimate collection service and he would have to speak to them about the letter.

Stolen cell phone

Sept. 16 at 7:44 pm a 31 year old Cache Creek woman reported that 21 year old neighbour at the Nugget Motel had stolen her cell phone. She said she knew it was him because she had seen her pack of cigarettes in his room and knew he must have her cell phone as well. Police spoke to the man who said he hadn’t seen his neighbour recently, but that she was crazy as …. and always making up stories. He invited the officer to search his room, but the officer declined.

Bear sightings

Sept. 17 at 8:18 am police received numerous bear calls in the area of Hill and Elm streets in Ashcroft. The Conservation Officer was contacted and he advised to leave the bear alone as it was displaying to aggressive tendencies. He said the bear would leave on its own.

At 9:11 pm police received a report of a sow bear and three cubs on Stage Rd. in Cache Creek eating fruit from a backyard tree. At 8:45 pm on the 19th a single bear was reported on Collins Rd. The complainants were advised to leave the bears alone as they were not displaying aggressive tendencies.

Impaired driver

Sept. 17 at 4:30 pm police received a complaint about a northbound pickup on Hwy 97 swerving all over the road. The complainant said the vehicle came up behind her and nearly hit her. Both she and the driver pulled over to talk and she said he was slurring his words. The truck was located south of Clinton and stopped. The 22 year old Lac la Hache driver Failed two roadside sobriety tests. He was given a 90 day driving suspension and his 2009 Ford F150 was impounded.

Junker abandoned

Sept. 17 at 1103 a 54 year old Cache Creek woman called to report that a man had left an older model Honda on her property. The car had no license plates and a badly damaged windshield. It was found to be the same car that was left in the Castle Inn Motel parking lot the day before. The 27 year old Cache Creek owner was told to move it, and moved it a few blocks away. The woman said she would speak to the owner, as she knew him.

Cell charger missing

Sept. 19 at 2:34 pm the 31 year old Cache Creek woman who reported her cell phone missing on the 16th called to report that the same neighbour had stolen her cell phone charger. She hadn’t seen him take it, but since he had already taken her cell phone and cigarettes… Police spoke to the 21 year old neighbour again, who again denied the theft and offered to let his room be searched. The officer searched his room and nothing of hers was found.

Explorer abandoned

Sept. 19 at 3:23 pm staff from Kal Tire in Cache Creek called to report an abandoned vehicle in their parking lot. The 1997 Ford Explorer had been there for three weeks, left there by its owner after it had broken down. The 50 year old Quesnel man, was contacted and told that it would be towed if he didn’t come and pick it up soon.

Erratic driver

Sept. 19 at 2:30 pm a 23 year 83 Mile man reported a southbound pickup passing on double solid lines and nearly hitting oncoming traffic. It was last seen in Cache Creek. The vehicle was not located, but the license plate number was obtained and the owner is a 65 year old Cache Creek man. The matter is still under investigation and there may be charges.

Decoys stolen

Sept. 10 a Walhachin resident called to report the theft of 22 goose decoys, worth $1,500, that had occurred on Sept. 17. They were taken from the dairy farm. There was a vehicle noted on the field at 10 pm that night, but no other description was taken.

Threatened suicide

Sept. 20 at 4:38 am a 54 year old Lillooet woman called on behalf of her 34 year old daughter in Heffley Creek. Her daughter had received texts from her estranged 28 year old husband, currently living in Cache Creek, threatening to harm himself. Police attended the residence and observed the male in the kitchen holding a knife. He was persuaded to come outside, but quickly became belligerant. He was arrested under the Mental Health Act before he could go back into the house and taken to the Ashcroft hospital. He was cleared by doctors there and taken home.

At 9 am he showed up at his wife’s residence and threw an empty pill bottle at her. She was worried that he was going to commit suicide in her driveway. Kamloops Rural RCMP attended and arrested him again under the Mental Health Act. He was taken to RIH for treatment.

Custody dispute

Sept. 20 at 1:58 pm a 36 year old Ashcroft woman called to report that the father of a child she was babysitting had shown up to take the 8 year old while the mother was out of the home attending a course. The 37 year old mother had left instructions with the babysitter not to let the father take the child, saying she had sole custody of him. Police talked to the father, a 44 year old Clinton man, who said it was his turn to have his son for a few days. Neither parent had any enforceable court documents for custody. The child was left at the babysitter’s house until the mother could pick him up.

Power lines down

Sept. 20 at 2:58 pm police received a report that a CN truck with a crane had run into a power pole at the Chevron card lock by ASC Automotive and had knocked down some overhead wires. The complainant said his son was very close to the downed wires when it happened. The vehicle was located by Coyote Valley Rd. The driver, a 50 year old Kamloops man, said the crane on the truck was locked in an upright position and he couldn’t move it. He was aware that he had hit the pole. He was issued a violation ticket for operating an unsafe vehicle and ordered to leave the truck parked at the side of the road.

Wendy Coomber