A single vehicle accident in Ashcroft on Monday afternoon left a Hyundai poking through the front of Fields department store.

A single vehicle accident in Ashcroft on Monday afternoon left a Hyundai poking through the front of Fields department store.

Police Report – bears in backyards, car accidents

The weekly crime blotter from the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment.

Bear Awareness

Police report there have been some reports of bears this week, both in Ashcroft and in Cache Creek, but there have been no reported attacks and there are no bear traps set out at this time.

Police remind the public to secure their garbage in a garage or shed until garbage day. A bear that eating ripe fruit will eventually go away; a bear eating garbage will keep returning until Conservation is called upon to destroy it.


Aug. 7 – “Victim hit with wrench”. Last week The Journal accidentally mixed up the ages of two Cache Creek men who were involved in a fight on Aug. 7. Police were called to the Castle Inn at 1:30 pm after receiving a report of a fight and found that a 65 year old man had used a wrench as a weapon, hitting a 36 year old man with it several times. The younger man was treated for cuts and bruises; the 65 year old was arrested and is facing charges of assault.

The Ashcroft Journal apologies for the error in the original report.

Pellet gun seized

Aug. 11 at 6:15 pm police received a report of a suspected shooting on Nugget Road in Cache Creek. When they arrived, they found one 55 year old Cache Creek man lying on the ground at the side of the road. Ambulance attendants examined him but found no gunshot wound. He was, however, highly intoxicated. Another 36 year old male on the property was arrested and a pellet gun was seized. There was no evidence that anyone had been shot, but both men were arrested for causing a disturbance and lodged in cells until they were sober.

Chain reaction

Aug. 14 at 11 am police were called to a multi-vehicle accident on Hwy 97 in front of the PetroCan in Cache Creek after a 25 year old woman driving a Chevrolet Cruze failed to stop for another southbound vehicle turning into the gas station. She hit a Mazda 3 that was stopped in front her, which in turn hit the Jeep Cherokee in front of it that was waiting to make its turn. The Jeep, driven by a 58 year old Surrey woman, and the Mazda, driven by a 17 year old woman from Lone Butte, both had to be towed for repairs. The Chev was able to drive away, but the driver was issued a ticket for following too closely.

Drove through window

Aug. 17 at 12:30 pm police attended a single vehicle accident in front of the Fields store in Ashcroft after a  2011 Hyundai drove through the front window by mistake. An employee inside the store was knocked down. She was checked out and released by ambulance attendants. Police are asking that the driver, a 79 year old Ashcroft woman, be reassessed for her ability to drive safely. The vehicle was towed for repairs.

Hung up on a rock

Aug. 17 at 6:15 pm police attended  a single vehicle accident in Cache Creek after a resident observed the driver of a Honda Civic stumble away after running over a boulder. Police attended the residence of the Registered Owner and arrested a 51 year old woman for impaired driving and driving with blood alcohol over .08. The vehicle had to be towed off of the boulder.

Bear concerns

Aug. 17 at 8:15 pm while on routine patrol, an officer noticed a reflective vest in the bushes near the library in Cache Creek. He got out to investigate and found a 57 year old woman trying to sleep there. She told him she didn’t want to go home because she was afraid there were bears in her yard. She was advised to spend the rest of the night in her home.