Police Report – Busy Graffiti Weekend

The weekly crime blotter from the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment.

Drivers arrested

Graffiti Days revellers weren’t nearly as well behaved this time as they have been in recent years, leading to a record number of eight individuals being held in Ashcroft cells at one time, on Saturday night. Most were brought in from unrelated incidents.

Police also issued one 90-day suspension for impaired driving which included a vehicle impoundment, the arrest of a prohibited driver, also with an impound, and a fight outside the Oasis bar after closing that resulted in the arrest of three men, one Kamloops (30), Salmon Arm (35) and Vernon (32).

Wrong turn at Lillooet

June 6 at 9:30 pm a 57 year old Ontario man reported that his 23 year old son was missing. The two had been travelling by motorcycle on Hwy 99 when they separated. The son said he would meet his father in Cache Creek, but wasn’t there when his father arrived, and couldn’t be reached by cell phone. He was located in Lillooet several hours later after having taken a wrong turn there, travelling several km before realizing his mistake. He made it to Cache Creek in good shape.

Cleaning not up to standards

June 11 at pm police responded to an abandoned 911 call in Cache Creek. A 28 year old man admitted to making the call because he felt his landlord was not doing a good job of cleaning the air ducts since the May 23 flood. He was told this was not a police matter and using 911 for this complaint could be construed as mischief – a criminal offense.

Unruly patron

June 13 at 7 pm while surveying the beer garden at the Cache Creek community hall, a 44 year old Pavilion man was observed yelling and swearing which kicking tables and pushing over chairs. He was arrested and lodged in cells until sober.

Party of three

June 13 at 11 pm police received a report of a screaming woman being dragged by two men in the Cache Creek Park. Police located the trio drinking, yelling and laughing. All parties denied they were actually yelling. They were told to keep the noise down and leave the park. The woman, 45, and one man, 54, were from the 103 Mile. The other man, 37, was from Lillooet.

Impaired driving

June 13 at 11 pm police stopped a vehicle at the Husky for failing to signal a turn. The driver displayed signs of intoxication and was asked to blow into a roadside sobriety device. The 31 year old Kelowna man blew a Warn and was given a three-day suspension. His vehicle, a 1972 Buick Skylark, was driven to a local motel by a sober friend.

Injured in fall

June 14 at 12:45 am police were called to a Cache Creek motel after an intoxicated guest fell and hit his head. He was located with blood on his face and a deep laceration over one eye. He said he tripped on a step and landed face first against the side of his car, against one of the side mirrors. The 38 year old man was transported to the Ashcroft hospital for treatment.

Flat tire causes accident

June 14 at 9:30 am police a attended a single vehicle collision on Hwy 1 about 10 km south of Ashcroft after the driver of a 2009 Chev Tahoe lost control of his vehicle, flipping the travel trailer he was towing. The driver, a 67 year old Surrey man, said the front driver’s side tire suddenly went flat, causing him to lose control. Neither he nor his 68 year old wife were injured. The trailer was towed.

Woman assaulted

June 15 RCMP are looking for a 28 year old man after a 24 year old woman was assaulted on the Ashcroft Reserve. She suffered minor injuries.